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i hate those colds where it feels like every muscle in your body is hurting

on another note: i survived my first month at work!

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psst du hast grasping groot statt gasping geschreiben und der link zu sonjas blog geht nicht

schweig stille, sterbliche, bevor ich einen blitz auf dich entsende!


write five things about yourself, then send it to your 10 favorite followers

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1. i have Hypothyroidism

2. i am currently a programmer trainee

3. i’m living alone in a flat with my cat Katy (and i’m lovin’ it)

4. my bed is my favorite place in the world

5. some of my favorite animals are crows, cats, whales and wolves

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Now remember, Captain Shakespeare has a fearsome reputation.

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(on his outlook in life) The more you are positive and say “I want to have a good life,” the more you build that reality for yourself; by creating the life that you want. It is not always the case that things will fall into your lap or that life will be great, but it is all about perspective and having a positive outlook. If something goes wrong, you say, “That happened for a reason, what can I learn from that and how can I grow?”

Happy 34th birthday, Chris Pine!

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